The 2020-2021 dance attire is now available. Reminder that both dance supply stores have BDC dance attire details and are ready and able to assist. 


  • Due to covid, change rooms will be closed and the 2020-2021 dance attire will be flexible. To avoid changing, dancers with multiple classes in a day are asked to wear the recommended ballet attire for all classes. For example, Dancers in Ballet Primary 2 on saturday’s, can wear their ballet attire to Jazz JR 1 on Saturdays. 

  • All BDCO Choreography classes attire will be the same as their technique classes. 

  • Please assist your dancer with proper hair and dress for class prior to arriving at the studio.

  • Students are permitted to wear bare feet in contemporary, and lyrical.

  • “Booty shorts” are NOT permitted.

  • All capris leggings, pants and shorts are to be plain black and logo free.