Date: Saturday, November 25th 2017 4:45PM 
Meeting Time: 4:45PM Royal BC Museum (675 Belleville St)
Pick Up Time: 5:45PM Corner of Government and Herald Street

NOTE: BDC is entry number 70 out of 75. 

*Participants must be 6 years and older. 8 years and up must be able to perform a chasse.
*Submitted a parade shirt order form with full payment by October 21st and signed up with our online parade form. Students that participated in 2016 are permitted to use their same sweatshirt if in good condition. 
*Be able to attend rehearsal on Saturday, November 18th 3:30pm-5:30pm

DROP OFF: We will meet at the main entrance of The Royal BC Museum at 4:45 PM on Saturday November 25th. Please don’t be late. At 5:00PM we will be moving to the large parade parking on Menzies  to meet up with the vehicle and file into the parade. Estimated time for PICK UP is at 5:45PM. 

Please know we will have a small wait outside in the cold. We strongly recommend that all students wear a warm shirt underneath their parade sweatshirt. Parents are welcome to stay with their dancer and take their jacket from them prior to departing from the museum at the beginning of the parade. Please leave all belongings at home as we will not have a dressing room or anywhere to hold items. The Parade will be televised. We recommend setting your PVR to record the dancers in action. It is always fun for them to watch the end result.

Students are asked to arrive in full costume. This includes full length black jazz pants (or other black pants), black socks, jazz runners or regular runners, and their BDC Parade Shirt. We ask that all dancers find a pair of red magic mittens and a red Santa hat. These can be found at Walmart, drugstores, dollar stores etc. We recommend all dancers start looking now as both red mittens and Santa Hats can be hard to find come middle of November. We ask all students to wear red lipstick and light stage make-up as required (mascara, brown eyeshadow, rouge). 

In the event of rain, the organizers of the parade will make a last minute decision as to whether or not the parade will proceed. If the parade is cancelled, Boston Dance will post the cancellation on our facebook and instagram accounts. We will also notify all participants via email.

Parade rehearsals will take place on Saturday November 18th 3:30-5:30 here at Boston Dance Collective. Proper dance attire is not required for these rehearsals.