How long does the registration process take?

Registration can take ten to twenty minutes per student. Your patience and kindness is appreciated as our volunteers work as efficiently as possible with each dance family. We offer in person registration only, this is so we can take the time to explain our policies, answer any questions you may have and most important get to know each and every family in person!

What should I bring to register?


1) A completed registration form (Guardian, dancer and payment sections only)
2) Cash or cheque for registration fees (cheque is payable to Boston Dance Inc.) *If paying in full by credit card this fee can be added to your full payment
3) Cash or postdated cheque for costume prepayments (cheque is payable to Boston Dance Inc. and postdated to November 1st)
4) Cash, 1 Cheque, 1 Void cheque(if paying monthly) or credit card for tuition fees
5) Cash, Cheque, PAD or Credit payment of $50 per students performing in YES Media Fee Payable December 1 – Payment method must be selected at registration
6) Void cheque and completed account information found on registration form required if paying monthly (Pre-Authorized Debit PAD)


How do I know which classes to register my dancer in?


Returning students: At registration, all volunteers will have a list of teacher-recommended pre approved classes for each student, this will also be emailed out a few days prior to pre-registration.
New students: New students will be recommended to classes based on their previous experience. Placements may be adjusted during placement month in September.

What does it cost?


Tuition Rates: Rates vary based on the number of hours a student dances per week. For specific fee information please refer to the Tuition Rates, Payment & Polices Worksheet found on the website. Please note September fees are non-refundable.

Registration Fees: There is an annual registration fee of $40 per student and $20 per additional family member. Please note registration fees are non-refundable.

Costume Prepayments: Costume prepayments are $80 per performance class. This can be paid by cash or postdated cheque.  Cheques are to be made payable to Boston Dance Inc and postdated to November 1. Please note as of November 1, costume prepayments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please put students full name in memo section on all cheques.

When are tuition fees due?


A method of payment must be set in place at time of registration. This means a full cash payment has been made, credit card information has been provided or a void cheque accompanied by a completed account information has been submitted.

  • Processing dates for all monthly payments Pre Authorized Debit will be:
    August 20th, September 20th, October 20th, November 20th, December 20th, January 20th, February 20th, March 20th and final payment for the year April 20th.
  • Full year payments by Credit Card will be processed as the are entered into our data base..
  • Full year payments by Cheque should be dated the day of registration.

How can I pay for my dancer’s tuition fees?


1) One full year payment by cash, cheque or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
2) Nine monthly installments can be paid via pre automatic debit (P.A.D.).
A void cheque accompanied by a completed account information found on the registration form.
PAD payments are processed on the 20th of the preceding dance month commencing August 20th and finishing on April 20th.

Can more than one person pay for a dancer’s tuition?


No. Boston Dance permits ONE payer only per family account.

Do you have a 3rd party payer option?


At this time Boston Dance is not set up to accept third party payments.

Will I receive receipt for my payments?


Boston Dance emails receipts for all registration and tuition payments. Tuition receipts are emailed as fees are processed. Please retain these receipts for income tax purposes.

Is dance eligible for the child’s tax benefit?


Please check with your tax filling professional as credit eligibility guidelines change. Tuition receipts are emailed as fees are processed. Please retain these receipts for income tax purposes. Also yearly statement of accounts are automatically emailed out in February to all families within the current tax year. .

What is placement month?


September is placement month. Boston Dance strives to ensure every dancer in placed in the best possible class based on both age and ability. During the month of September faculty members assess individual dancers and the classes as a whole. It is possible students will receive a recommendation to change classes during September.

Can I try a class?


Once registered a dancer may try a class in a different discipline or a different level. All dancers must pick up a “Class Placement Slip” from the office prior to entering a class to which they are not registered. After attending the class the instructor will notify the office is the student is approved to add that class to their schedule.

Who is teaching my class?


Until all teacher contracts are finalized we cannot confirm who is instructing specific classes. But rest assured our faculty will continue to be outstanding!

Do I have to sign up for the full year?


The Boston Dance season runs September to the end of May each year. Registration is accepted based on full year participation. If however, a dancer decides they no longer wish to dance they may withdraw from class provided one month’s written notice is provided before October 31. As of November 1, Boston Dance has a strict NO WITHDRAWAL policy and dancers are expected to stay in class for the remainder of the season. No refunds for tuition or costumes are provided as of November 1.